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Burning Bushes Everywhere

written and illustrated by Guinevere Grier

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About The Book

A Book For Children and Adults

Bible stories from the Torah and the Gospels are sequenced and summarized in a picture book for all ages.  More than 4000 years ago a message about the kingdom of God was introduced through the Hebrew people. More than 2000 years later the concept of the kingdom of God shifted due to the teachings of Jesus during the first century CE.  This book shows how thoroughly grounded in Jewish traditions the Judeo-Christian communities originally were.  Additional information from contemporary studies clarify biblical texts using a discovery-oriented approach. Questions reframe the idea of where a seeker might find God.  Is the kingdom of God a place or a state of mind?  

A Message to Children and Young Adults

Your grandparents would want you to know about the Hebrew presentation of God, about the impact of Jesus’ teachings upon the world, and about how both can make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. Events and ideas from far, far away and long, long ago provide insight for our lives today.  

About the Author

Guinevere Grier has advanced degrees from universities and seminaries, including a doctorate in ministry from Columbia Seminary. Experience in education and love of learning prompted writing this book. Experience in chaplaincy and supervising hospital based clinical pastoral education programs for clergy and seminarians in the United States and Australia influenced her approach which is inclusive and ecumenical. She and her husband each have three children and are privileged to love a combined total of 15 grandchildren and one great grandchild. It is to them that this book is dedicated. 

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